Spanish School in Antigua Guatemala:

Furnished Apartments and Houses

While a family homestay is traditionally a part of every immersion Spanish course in Antigua Guatemala and most students choose this option, we can also reserve a furnished apartment or house for you if you don't want to live with a local family.

In Antigua Guatemala there are apartments and houses for every taste and budget – from small and basic studio apartments to luxurious three and four bedroom apartments in gated communities.

If you rent your own apartment or house, you will have more privacy than in a homestay, but very little contact with the local population.

Most of the apartments and houses we have available are located within a few blocks from the school, so you can walk to the school in just a few minutes and no lengthy bus or taxi rides are necessary. However, depending on which features and amenities are important to you, you might be staying in an apartment or house that's a little farther away.

Other accommodation options for Spanish students in Antigua: