Spanish School in Antigua Guatemala:


As one of Guatemala's most important tourist destinations, Antigua Guatemala is well prepared for international visitors. Many kinds of accommodations – from family homestay and guest houses to hotels and apartments for all tastes and budgets – are readily available.

Traditionally a family homestay with a local family is an essential part of immersion Spanish courses. The interaction with the host family gives you much opportunity not only to practice your Spanish in real-life situations, but also to learn about Latin American customs and culture.

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Of course we can arrange other accommodations too for students who are not comfortable living in the home of a family or are looking for more upscale accommodation.

Staying at a guest house is a great option for those who are looking for economical accommodation, similar to a family homestay, but with more privacy and without the restrictions that come with fixed meal times.

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While most guest houses in Antigua Guatemala are fairly basic, hotels are available for all tastes and budgets – from simple backpacker-style places to five-star hotels with all modern amenities.

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For travelers who want to be entirely independent and have a maximum of privacy, renting an apartment is also an option.

As with hotels, there is a wide range of apartments available in Antigua Guatemala, from simple studio apartments to luxurious three and four bedroom apartments in gated communities.

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No matter which kind of accommodation you prefer, we can make all necessary arrangements for you and make sure you will have a comfortable place to stay while you study Spanish in Antigua Guatemala.