Sailing in Guatemala:

Sailboat River Tour of the Rio Dulce, Lake Izabal & Livingston.

The Caribbean coast of Guatemala where Mother Nature really blessed the area. Mountain ranges pushed up from her soil and warm humid jungles grew. Over 400 species of birds beautifully clothed in vivid feathers. Freshwater turtles emerge along with playful manatees.

Rivers are mirrored with wild flowers, overflowing with lianas, orchids, bromeliads, crustaceans, toucans, and howler monkeys. With 200 species of fish, over 150 different land mammals waiting for you to explore the mangrove swamps, there is no other place in Guatemala where such an ecological variety is so easily at hand for those who enjoy exploring.

Do not miss the biological richness, experience sailing slowly and discover moment by moment the unfolding panorama of Guatemala's Caribbean coast. Exploring quietly, slowly, and comfortably on the 46' Polynesian Sailboat, fully crewed for comfort, to enhance a romance with nature you will never forget.

Sail on Lake Izabal, Guatemala's largest lake, surrounded by orchards of mango, avocado mameyes and pineapples which fill the air with exotic fragrances. Visit the beautiful hot waterfalls create hot and cold whirlpools and natural steam caves surrounded by jungle. A trip to the village of El Estor, close by the Boqueron Canyon, a 400 foot gorge cutting its way through the mountain.

Canoe up the canyon and float down in complete silence, enjoying the sounds of nature. Sail to the mouth of the Polochic River for a boat ride upriver where hundreds of howler and spider monkeys move about and howl in the trees that line the riverbanks. Sail on to Punta Brava where there are clean white beaches for sunbathing and swimming.

Visit the Castillo de San Felipe built by the Spaniards to protect the area from pirates. Then you enter the Rio Dulce, which meanders lazily through the tropical growth to the screaming delight of the colorful winged inhabitants along its banks.

The river continues its course to form the Golfete, overgrown with mangrove thickets and a maze of small lakes seething with life. Visit the Manatee Reserve and nature walk. The Rio Dulce now narrows to rush through steep jungle cloaked limestone cliffs before emptying into the Caribbean Sea next to the Creole village of Livingston, where you can visit and see the remnants of Caribbean colonial architecture.

Let's Go Sailing: River Tour 4 days and 3 nights on the Rio Dulce, Lago Izabal & Livingston

Let's Go Sailing: River Tour 4 days and 3 nights on the Rio Dulce, Lago Izabal & Livingston


Private charters Rio Dulce- 1-10 People $650 per Day.Charters can be booked year around minimum of two days and one night, Prices: 1-10 people. Holydays minimum 4 days.

Includes: captain, chef, food, drinking water, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, 4 double beds & 2 single beds with fans.

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First day scheduled trip: sail by the Old Spanish Fort, then across Lago Izabal for a sunset dinner.

Next morning you will take a 30 min. walk through a productive ranch and lush jungle to the hot mineral water falls where you relax in natural steam caves, hot & cold whirlpools within a surrounding jungle atmosphere. Noon hoist the sails and sail across the lake at speeds up to 15 knots on a windy day, then moored at Palafitos for the night.

In the morning you will sail down into the spectacular Canyon of the Rio Dulce, visit the Caribbean Village of Livingston, next the Tatin River for a cool spring swim then on back to the Rio Dulce for a hot spring bath. Afterwards you will sail through the Manatee Park area. In the afternoon you will cross the Golfete then anchor for a sunset dinner.

Sunrise breakfast, after you will arrive back to Rio Dulce Town before noon to desembark.

This four-day trip is a great price to enjoy this beautiful area. This spacious 46' Catamaran has plenty of space to relax and be adventures sailors. Come sail away and make this adventure one of the best parts of your vacation.

Our 46' Polynesian Sailboat has been operating in Guatemala waters since several years, sailing out every week. She is registered in Guatemala and Belize as a tourist boat and is highly recommended by the tourist board of Guatemala and many guidebooks. She does more for less, so Let's Go Sailing and fulfill your dream vacation sailing with us in Paradise!

Price Includes: Captain, sailor, chef, food, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, drinking water, private cabins (pillows, bed sheets, blanket and towels), 2 paddle boards, music, 2 hammocks just 2 feet above the water.

Bus to the Boat: Mini Van from Antigua that picks you up at your place and takes you to a public bus in the city which will take you to our sailing trips in the Caribbean, a safe and comfrotable ride. Round Trip or One Way.( Not Included)

For payment details, please contact us by email. We'll be happy to send you information about available space and payment options for our Sailing Tours.

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3 Days/2 Nights on the Rio Dulce to Livingston or Rio Dulce & Lake Izabal