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Yaxchilan (also sometimes historically referred to by the names Menché and City Lorillard) is an ancient Maya city located on the bank of the Usumacinta River in what is now the state of Chiapas, Mexico. In the Late Classic Period Yaxchilan was one of the most powerful Maya states along the course of the Usumacinta, with Piedras Negras as its major rival. Architectural styles in subordinate sites in the Usumacinta region demonstrate clear differences that mark a clear boundary between the two kingdoms.

Yaxchilan was a large center, important throughout the Classic era, and the dominant power of the Usumacinta River area. It dominated such smaller sites as Bonampak, and had a long rivalry with Piedras Negras and at least for a time with Tikal; it was a rival of Palenque, with which Yaxchilan warred in 654.

The site is particularly known for its well-preserved sculptured stone lintels set above the doorways of the main structures. These lintels, together with the stelae erected before the major buildings, contain hieroglyphic texts describing the dynastic history of the city.

The ancient name for the city was probably Pa' Chan. Yaxchilan means "green stones" in Maya.

To locate Yaxchilan, Chis Mexico go to

The archeological site is an hour boat ride down the Usamacinta river through one of the last great Central American rainforest. A visit will be an experience to remember. Taking a long boat with an outboard motor you can see Guatemala on one side and Mexico on the other side. There will be lots of wildlife to experience while getting there.

At the site you will see large buildings of cut stone through the jungle as you go ashore. Under the rainforest you will have a cooling effect as you begin your visit of Yaxchilan. The site has 86 known buildings built in the Mayan golden age of 200-900 A.D. The exact use of these buildings in ancient times is unknown, yet it is connected to the underworld for the Maya is undoubtedly   important.

In the hugh main plaza there is a well preserved stele and door lintel carving. As you climb you will see architectural wonder, each with some remarkable detail carvings. You will find evidence of recent worship by the Lakandons, a dwindling group of Maya that still practice the ancient ways of worship.  Almost every building has a doorway that tells a story. You will see carved lintels that top the doorways where you will see some of the best preserved carvings from the ancient Maya World.

Tour Itinerary from Flores:

Day one: 7am Flores to Bethel-Piedras Negras three hour drive.

                 10am Bethel Guatemala passing through Customs and Immigration. Next stop Piedras Negras                                         

                 then downstream on the Usumacinta River. Jungle photos all the way for up to 2.5 hours.

                 1:30 pm arriving El Porvenir camp-site in Sierra del Lacandon National Park. Lunch then free  

                 time and a visit to the waterfalls near Porvenir. 6pm dinner.

                7:30pm A brief introduction about Piedras Negras and a presentation for the next day.

Day two: 6am wake up call. 6:30am, breakfast. 7:30am depart to Guerrilloas camp and Piedras Negras a   

                45min. hike.

               8:30am arriving  Piedras Negras visiting the ball-court  area, K-5 structure, West Acropolis,

               Tatiana Proskouriakoffs tomb, West Group, South Group and the famous Steam-bath building.

               12 noon Lunch in Piedras Negras

               1pm Departure to El Porvenir camp-site by boat, 15 minutes ride.

             1:15pm Arrival to Piedras Negras. The visit includes the ball-court area, K-5 structure, West Acropolis,

             Tatian, Proskouriakoff´s tomb, West Group, South Group and the famous Steam-bath building.

             6:30pm Dinner

             7:30pm Introduction lecture of Yaxchilan and delivery of next days activities.

Day three: 6:30am wakeup call

             7:15 breakfast

             8am Departure to Yaxchilan. About 2 hours and 30 minutes.

             10:30 Arrival to Yaxchilan.

             11am Archeological visit to Yaxchilan.

             1pm Lunch at the site of Yaxchilan.

              2pm Lunch at the site of Yaxchilan.

              3pm Departure to Flores.

             5:30pm Arrival to Flores.

             7pm Farewell dinner at La Danta.

This Tour Package Includes:

Round trip transportation on Land
English guide
All meals by description
Boat Bethel – Piedras Negras / Yaxchilan - Flores
Equipment for camping or hammocks
Purified water
First Aid Kit