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Maya Aguateca Ruins

Located in Northern Guatemala’s Petexhatun Basin in Peten. By boat it takes 1 hour and a half. The Aquateca site sits on top of a 90 meter tall limestone bluff. The ruins of Aguateca are known to be among the best preserved in Guatemala.

The Maya site of the Late Classic period is the largest Maya site in the region of the Petexbatun escarpment in Guatemala. The site was most active during 600 AD and 830 AD and was occupied in the beginning of the preclassic period.

 Maya Aguateca was the capital for Ruler 5 of the Dos Pilas/Aguateca dynasty. In 810 AD Aguateca was attacked and much of the elite residences were abandoned and burned with their belongings intact leaving a sealed collection of artifacts to be discovered.

The center of the site was an elite and ceremonial core defended by causeways, a steep escarpment and a palisaded stone wall. The buildings inside the elite zone are well constructed walls with plaster and central room benches. Artifacts reflecting the nobility found in these rooms include greenstone beads, shell and bone ornaments and high quality polychrome pots.

A causeway zone--structures built along the causeway connecting the elite zone to the rest of the community--has structures that researchers believe may represent workshops. One building had an abundance of metatics (flat slabs used with by hand to grind food stuffs). Others have evidence of lithic, bone and shell, and hide working, including complete tool assemblages. Interestingly, researchers believe the elite residents of Aguateca were directly involved in the craft specialization seen in these structures.

Tour to Aguateca

8:00am – depart from Flores airport or hotel

9:10am – board a boat that will cruise down the Petexbatun River. You will enter the Petexbatun Lagoon which is a wildlife sanctuary where photography and bird watching is at its best.

11:00am – Arriving to Aguateca National Park where your guide will take you through the archeological area where it makes this place unique.

1:00pm – Lunch at Posada Caribe

5:00pm – travel back to your hotel or airport


Transportation with A/C - Entrance Fees - Lunch at Posada Caribe -

Boat and Bilingual Guide

Not Included:

Tips and beverages