Day Trips in Guatemala:

Quirigua and Castillo San Felipe

Visit two of the most popular attractions in the Rio Dulce area on Guatemala's Caribbean coast!

The Mayan ruins of Quirigua, boasting the tallest stelae in the entire Mayan world, will give you a fascinating glimpse of the history and culture of the ancient Maya. The ruins are easily accessible and only a short bus ride from Santo Tomas and Puerto Barrios.

Castillo San Felipe is an old Spanish fort on the north shore of Lake Izabal. Originally built in the late 16th century to protect the area from Caribbean pirates, Castillo San Felipe was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt until it was abandoned in the late 18th century. The fort was reconstructed according to original construction plans in the 1950s and has become a popular destination with travelers and Guatemalans alike.

Our tours include:

  • Shuttle van from Santo Tomas or Puerto Barrios to Quirigua
  • Tour of the ruins
  • Shuttle to Castillo San Felipe and visit of the old Spanish fort
  • Lunch over the water of the Rio Dulce (not included in the tour price)

1-2 passengers: US$ 350.00
3 passengers: US$ 375.00
4 passengers: US$ 400.00
5-8 passengers: US$ 450.00
9-10 passengers: US$ 500.00