Day Trips in Guatemala:

From Puerto Quetzal to Chichicastenango

Chichicastenango — usually called Chichi by locals and tourists alike — has been one of the largest trading centers of Guatemala's indigenous population since pre-Columbian times. Vendors and buyers from the entire Quiche region and beyond come together in Chichi to trade their wares, making it the most important market in Guatemala.

The market is most famous for typical Mayan textiles, leather goods and wood carvings like Mayan ceremonial masks. But the range of items on sale go far beyond that, and you are sure to find great souvenirs that you won't see anywhere else!

Right next to the market are the churches of Santo Tomas and El Calvario. Santo Tomas is more than 400 years old and was built on top of an older Mayan ceremonial platform. Even today, traditional Mayan rituals are often performed in the church or on the steps leading up to it.

Market days in Chichicastenango are Thursday and Sunday.

Day Trips from Puerto Quetzal to Chichicastenango

Price for 1-10 people:  US$400.00
Price for 11-14 people: US$425.00
Price for 11-20 people: US$450.00
Price for 20-40 people: US$500.00
Price for 41-52 people: US$700.00

Price includes round trip shuttle bus and use of the shuttle bus all day. For a professional tour guide to accompany your group, add US$150.00.

Does not included: Port Exit Fees, Lunch.