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Build Your Own Tikal Tour Package

If our standard travel packages to Tikal don't meet your requirements, we'll be most happy to build a package that's exactly right for you. Please fill out the following form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Transportation from Antigua to Guatemala City:


Transportation from Guatemala City to Flores:

 One-way airfare
 Round-trip airfare
 One-way by bus
 Round-trip by bus

Transportation from Flores to Tikal:


Transportation from Flores to Belize:

 Shuttle to Belize City
 Shuttle to Chetumal
 1st-class bus to Belize City
 1st-class bus to Chetumal

Tikal Tour Package:

 Complete package of entrance fees to
Tikal National Park, the museum, tour with
bilingual guide and round-trip shuttle from
Flores to Tikal


 Hotel in Tikal
 Hotel in Flores
 Hotel in Santa Elena
 Hotel in El Remate on the shores of
Lake Petén Itzá

Side trips you are interested in (check all that apply):

 Boat tour of Lake Petén Itzá (1 day)
 Mayan ruins of Ceibal (1 day)
 Mayan ruins of Uaxactún (1 day)
 Mayan ruins of Yaxha and the island of
Topoxte (1 day)
 Tour of La Pasión, San Pedro and
Usumacinta rivers (1 day)

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