Day Trips in Guatemala:

From Puerto Quetzal to Abaj Takalik

Abaj Takalik, which in Maya means Standing Stone, began as a Pre-classic 800 BC village, then became a big site with rituals, monuments and sculptures.

Abaj Takalik is one of the most important Pre-Hispanic sites of Guatemala. It's occupation in the early Pre-classic, but more formally in the Late Pre-classic, shows a continual evolution as stronger cultures of the Pacific coast, foothills, and coastal plains of Guatemala gradually asserted their influence.

This society manifested in the Late Pre-classic and the Proto-classic with great development in architecture and sculpture. Their relations with Kaminaljuyú and other Guatemalan highland sites and with Chocolá of the coastal plains, also indicate an established trade and commercial development, and perhaps because of this, a cultural development.

During the Pre-classic era we also can appreciate early Maya style in iconography and in inscriptions and architecture that consolidated during the first phase of the early Classic period.

The reason for the fall of this culture after the activities of this period is still unknown. We hope the puzzle will be explained with the advancement of the project Abaj Takalik, which began in 1986 under the direction of Miguel Orrego Corozo.

Day Trips from Puerto Quetzal to Abaj Takalik

Tours include:

Tours include:
•8am: Shuttle from Puerto Quetzal to Abaj Takalik (located 3.5 hours from the port, entrance fee not included)
•Shuttle drive to La Antigua for Lunch and back to Puerto Quetzal
2 passengers: US$ 550.00
3 passengers: US$ 600.00
4 passengers: US$ 600.00
5-8 passengers: US$ 800.00
9-10 passengers: US$ 950.00
11 + passengers: please contact us
Trip Includes:
Transportation with driver, air conditioning, panoramic view, professional driver.
Does not include: Entrance fee or Lunch

Price includes round trip shuttle bus and use of the shuttle bus all day. For a professional tour guide to accompany your group, add US$150.00.