Sailing on the Rio Dulce and to Belize:

Sailboat Tours

46' Polynesian Sailboat was built in Victoria, Canada, in 1978, with the classic Polynesian design by James Wharram. She is 46 feet long and 20 feet wide and has 4 double and 2 single cabins.



This Sailboat is registered in Guatemala as a tour-operating vessel and has been providing adventurous sailing tours in Guatemala and Belize. She is also captained by Guatemalans with several years of experience operating sailing tours.

With a draft of only 3 feet our sailboat can sail in waters where other boats only dream of going. Anchored within a few feet of the reef, fishing becomes pure pleasure.


At the bow there are two large hammocks, hanging 2 feet above the water, which provide an excellent place to relax or even sleep during the night and gives you the pleasure of enjoying the ocean breeze; or You can sleep on your own room where you have privacy when you want it. (no AC available).

A salon gives you the opportunity to read and relax while waiting for the meals to be prepared by the chef.

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