Sailing and Diving in Belize:

Frequently Asked Questions

How large is the sailboat?

The Sailboat is a modern sea-going Polynesian and is 46 ft long by 20 ft wide. She has four double and two single cabins, salon and galley. There is lots of deck space and two hammocks are connected to the hulls at the bow.

Will I be able to help operate the boat and learn something about sailing?

Yes, we always like a hand in hosting the sail and piloting the boat while under sail. The Crew and Captain are always willing to answer questions on operating the sailboat.

What if there's no wind?

Our Sailboat is equipped with a quiet 50-horsepower Honda motor, which we use when there's not enough wind to sail.

What kind of food will be served?

Our meals consist of seafood while in Belize, chicken and lots of vegetables and fruit.

What's the dress code onboard?

Very relaxed. Most of the time we wear bathing suits or shorts and T-shirts. (No shoes)

How much time will we spend sailing to Belize and how much time do we have at the Belize Barrier Reef?

After checking out of Guatemala in Livingston, it takes around 7-8 hours if the winds are in our favor. If we have to sail off the wind, it will take 8-9 hours and we arrive at the islands in the mid afternoon. We will spend 3½ days at different areas of the reef if weather permits.

What are the dive sites like and if we are not divers, will that be a problem?

The dive sites are excellent with deep walls, every type of coral with life, you will see reef sharks, turtles and all kinds of tropical fish. I have been told by some of our divers that our dives 1 to 10 are 8 or higher. If you only want to snorkel, there are plenty of areas within 50 meters (150 ft) from the boat. We have Kayak boards and fishing equipment for everyone. We provide all the equipment for all the activities.

Will I have a chance to check my e-mail? Do you have cell phone coverage?

After checking out of Livingston, Guatemala, there is no e-mail for 5 days until we return. We have a cell phone for emergencies.

Should I pack insect repellent and/or malaria pills? Is there a medical kit on board?

Insect repellent is always a good idea when in the jungle. Malaria pills, if you wish to take them, fine, but normally there are no or very few mosquitoes on the boat. The boat is well equipped with medical supplies for minor accidents.

If I can not complete the trip because my flight departs the day we return from Belize, will I be able to get off earlier with a discount?

It is possible to get off a day earlier in Livingston on our return trip from Belize. It is also possible to get off in Livingston on our Rio Dulce trip 4 days 3 nights a day early. We do not give discounts for getting off the boat early.

Will I get a stamp when I return to Guatemala and receiv 90 days?

Yes, you will receiv a 90 days when you return to Guatemala.

If you have a question that's not answered here, you can Contact us and we'll assist you any way we can.